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Roast chestnuts

Maroni or sweet chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts (German: Maroni) are a popular snack in the winter. You'll likely see more than one "Maronistand" if visiting Vienna during the colder months; these are small one- or two-man stands where chestnuts are roasted on an open drum, and sold in packets to passers-by for between 15 and 20 Euro cents a chestnut.

Normally, a Maronistand sells roast potato slices (German: Bratkartoffel), potato wedges (German: erm...Wedges) and potato puffs (German: Kartoffelpuffer), too.

Maroni oven
Oven at a Maronistand

The stands are commonly found around Christmas markets, at major junctions or outside subway/railway stations. Or at the entrances to major attractions like the zoo or palace gardens.

Incidentally, the edible nuts come from the Sweet Chestnut tree, not the Horse Chestnut, and are usually imported from abroad. Through the winter months you can buy them to roast yourself (see below).

The horse chestnut is a common tree in Vienna, but they've suffered considerably in recent years from the horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella), a moth whose larvae cause the leaves to turn brown and drop early. So if you see a lot of sickly-looking chestnut trees, that's likely to be the reason.

How to roast chestnuts