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Vienna museums

Museum in Vienna

Vienna's museums are among its most popular attractions, particular those featuring works of art. The collections rank among the best in the world, with works from many of the biggest names in art history and attracting top international exhibitions.

It's not just about art though, with museums dealing with history, science and nature, music and much more. It's an overused phrase, but there really is something for everyone. Check the articles for museum reviews and guides...

The most popular art museum after the Albertina, the KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) dominates one side of a square, with its sister building hosting the natural history museum opposite. The KHM is one of the world's leading art museums, featuring works from the antiquities through to the Renaissance and Baroque eras. >> Read more

The scientific interests of an Empress's husband have gifted Vienna with the marvellous Natural History Museum, counterpoint to the art museum opposite. Inside, the temptation is to admire the building as much as its various exhibits (both live and stuffed). Try the cafe, too. >> Read more

Vienna's answer to a Science Museum features industrial and scientific exhibits, with some sections entirely dedicated to interactive displays and games for kids to enjoy. >> Read more

The Schatzkammer houses one of the most astonishing collections of historical relics and riches in the world. The ceremonial, religious and representative paraphernalia from hundreds of years of Imperial history is all here. >> Read more

Part of Schönbrunn Palace is a museum showing how the younger members of the Imperial family lived and played. As you might expect, there are plenty of things for kids to do. >> Read more

The Carriage Museum looks at Imperial horse-drawn (and sometimes sheep-drawn) transport through the ages. Like many of Vienna's museums, it's not so much the physical exhibits that impress, but their place in history. See the carriage that first bore the future Empress Elisabeth into an expectant Vienna... >> Read more