Credit cards

So do they take credit cards in Vienna? Well, the city and Austria in general does not have a strong tradition of credit card use. What that means is you can NEVER assume that you can pay for your meal, room, tickets or shopping with a credit card. Always check for the appropriate symbol on the door or till, first.

Don’t get me wrong – many places in Vienna (especially those that regularly serve tourists) do take cards. But many don’t, so check first if in doubt. Even those places you’d think were mad not to take credit cards might refuse your plastic.

The two most popular cards here are probably VISA and Mastercard.

The relatively low uptake of credit cards in the population has its roots in traditional values. Austria is not a credit-driven economy; home ownership is not widespread, for example. The credit card companies also charge an annual fee which puts off some people. And debit cards (the Bankomat card where each payment you make comes straight off your Austrian bank account) are popular alternatives.